We’re Meind, and we’re glad you stopped by!

We’ve been manufacturing power inverters in China since 2005, power stations since 2018.
During that time, we’ve seen quite a few power inverter factories come and go.
From the beginning, Meind has made excellent product and customer service our primary objective, and we think that’s the reason we’re still here, while others have faded away.
We give good products, good services, good advice, and great tech support, which is significant for the power products.
We are here for our customers both before and after the sale, and we’ll still be here years from now.

Quality Product:
We owned a factory in Shenzhen, China from the beginning, and most importantly, the experienced engineer team and the stable production management team.
Plus mature production and testing procedures, the quality power inverter and power station are guaranteed.

Valuable Trust: You want to know you can trust the company you’re dealing with, and be assured that your order is handled rapidly and securely, whether it is a small order or a large order. We value your trust and friendship.

Competitive Price: Despite the material costs and labor costs being raised daily nowadays, we strive to keep our prices as low or lower than you’ll find anywhere else. You will feel what the cost-effective is that China makes.

Professional Service: You want to be treated professionally and seriously, even if a sample order. You want the order status to be updated timely. Any questions before the sale, or problems after the sale, should be dealt with quickly. We go out of our way to make sure you are more than happy with each order, even each communication.

Incredible Warranty: You are much worried about the after-sales service, especially when the supplier is far away from you (most likely there is an ocean in the middle). We offer an incredible warranty policy. For part of our models, we send you a new one if a quality problem happened. And the return is no need.

Have a look through our site, and send us an email… you’ll be glad you did!

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