Meind Power Station is a truly portable UPS solution. If the power does go out, this portable generator is ready. The capacity of the built-in lithium battery is selectable and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Two universal AC outlets alongside four DC ports and four USB ports. The USB ports can handle a maximum of 5A making them ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, cameras and other small electronic gadgets.

When the worst happens and the main power goes out, the UPS function will transfer the power source to battery less than 10ms, which would not let you feel nothing happened.

Recharging the Meind Power Station is as easy as using the included AC charging cable. A car-charging cable is also included for choices. What’s more, if you like and in a sunny outside, you could even charge it by solar panels. As an added bonus, a front LED lamp helps you see in the dark but without consuming high power.

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