Car power inverters of 100Watt

If you need to stay charged while you’re on the road, maybe you need a power point in your car.
You’ll find a wide range of charge cables and adapters for the car, which are designed to recharge smartphones, tablets and other gadgets via USB.
Sometimes, however, only a traditional wall socket will do. If you’re in that boat, consider an in-car power inverter, which turns your cigarette lighter into a power point.
Power inverters are rated according to how many watts they deliver. If two ratings are listed – peak and continuous – it’s best to ignore the peak and judge it by the continuous rating.
Choosing the right inverter depends on what you’re trying to charge. For example, a MacBook Pro notebook generally demands 85 watts (check what’s written on the power supply), so you would want to avoid an inverter that offers a 100-watt peak but only 75 watts continuous.
A 75-watt continuous inverter would take longer to charge, or perhaps not charge at all, plus it would put extra strain on the inverter and your notebook, which could cause damage.
Look for an inverter that switches off at certain voltages to ensure you don’t drain the car battery or damage the electrics.
Even then, avoid using an inverter when the car’s engine isn’t running.
Meind’s 100W Auto Power Inverter offers 100 watts of continuous power, while Belkin’s AC Anywhere is available in 140-watt and 300-watt continuous models. While the Belkin units support more power-hungry devices, the Meind offers extra flexibility through the addition of a powered USB port. It also features a Meind power port for use with the Targus digital device adapter, which is designed to plug into a wide range of gadgets.