Choosing The Right Power Inverter For Your Needs

If you have appliances such as a lap top or a television you wish to use in your vehicle, a direct current to alternating current, or dc to ac inverter, will be needed to power these items.
A dc to ac inverter can be used not only to run appliances you want to use while you are on the road but also to power at home appliances in the event of a power failure.
An inverter from dc to ac voltage works by drawing power from a battery, in many cases a car battery.
It does use the power from the battery so the battery will need to be recharged as the device works as an inverter from dc to ac voltage.
This can be done by running that motor while it is in use, or if there is enough battery power to start the motor, the battery can be charged at that time.

When it comes to choosing a power inverter for your road trip electronics the choices can be confusing.
With so many choices on the market it is important to understand what the differences are so that you can make the best choice for your own situation.

You will have to start off considering how many voltages your battery is.
Most batteries will be 12 volts, although some large trucks run on 24 volts. This will be an important piece of information when picking our your dc to ac inverter so start by checking that out first.

The next consideration will be whether you should get a true sine wave inverter or a modified sine inverter.
A true sine inverter is one that will give you a nice pure and smooth sine wave current.
This is going to be similar to the electric current that you would have at home when you plug into the electrical grid.
A modified sine inverter is slightly boxed off wave. The modified sine inverter was developed as a more cost effective alternative to the true sine inverter.
You will find that although the pure sine inverter will provide the best electrical current, it also will be the most expensive. Although the modified sine inverter is cheaper it has its own drawbacks.
For most small appliances, such as a lap top or a cell phone, a modified sine inverter will be sufficient.
However, with some items like gaming systems and large televisions you may notice a lack of clarity. In this case a true sine inverter may be a better solution so that you can have a better quality output.
There are some items that will require a true sine inverter.
Some of those items are oxygen concentrators, fax machines and devices with variable speed motors.
So, even though most items will run okay on a modified sine inverter you should check just to make sure that a true sine inverter is not required.
It is important to remember that a modified sine inverter cannot be upgraded to a true sine inverter. So, you will want to make sure you are buying the correct equipment for your needs at the start.

Your next consideration will be voltage.
Consider what items you will be running and how many volts each item requires. You will need to also consider how many of them you will be running at once and how many plugs you need so that you can determine which inverter will be the best for your needs.
You do not want to overload your dc to ac inverter by plugging in too many high wattage items at once.
You will probably notice that the cost of inverters rise with the amount of wattage. To help with this you may consider purchasing two inverters, one true sine inverter and one modified sine inverter.
You would purchase just enough of the true sine to run what you need that for and then run the rest of your appliances on the cheaper modified inverter.
For smaller voltage, under 300 watts, you can get a cigarette lighter inverter, but above that you will need an inverter that will connect directly to your battery.

Some terms that you might encounter while investigating what dc to ac inverter is right for you is the terms continuous-watt and peak-watt.
You will need to understand that the peak-watt is the amount of wattage used to start the appliance.
Some appliances require a serge to get started and then they will run on a lower continuous wattage. It is a good idea to check for the serge-wattage required on your appliances because you will want to make sure that you dc to ac inverter can handle the initial serge.
The serge wattage will be important to keep in mind while using several items at once. If you have a large serge appliance you will probably want to turn that one on first and then you can go ahead and start the other appliances.

It is a good idea to ask about overload shut off indicators or switches on your dc to ac inverter just in case you over load the inverter.
You will also want to check to find out if the inverter has thermal and short circuit shut down to prevent those types of emergencies also.

With some careful planning and investigation the right dc to ac inverter can make road tripping a more convenient experience.
After you choose the inverter that is right for you, make sure to have it properly installed. If you go ahead and install your dc to ac converter on your own just make sure that it is properly grounded.
Then you can be on your way knowing that you have the power supply you need to keep your life running on enough power.