Do you know how Car Power Inverter work?

It’s important to learn the difference between AC and DC power before you are able to know what a car inverter is. Mainly speaking, AC power is from the states main power, is what you can get from the sockets at the house, and DC power is what you can get from all kind of batteries.

Due to car battery provides DC output, but most household electronics need to work on AC, like fan, fridge and laptop. Then you need a device known as a car power inverter, if you want to use these AC devices in the car or outside. With a power inverter installed in the car, you are able to use about any electronic device as normal, if there wattage is smaller than inverter.

Some of the most important restrications to keep in mind whenever you use an inverter. Including factors like the capacity of the car battery, rated output of the devices, and output wattage of the inverter.