Meind 220V Power Inverter Brief Introduction

220v power inverter is a wide using transformer, household appliances will be connected to the output of the power inverter can be achieved using various electrical appliances in the car. it has a good prospect. This article will lead you to know more about the power inverter.

1. Composition
The 220 volt power inverter is composed of inverter bridge, control logic, and a filter circuit composed of these three components to work together to help the entire circuit device.

2. Usage
The usage of the power inverter is the DC such as a battery, power storage bottles transformed into AC power. The output power is typically 220V 50HZ. Today, we are already in a “mobile” era, mobile communications, mobile leisure and entertainment and mobile office, mobile state, we need 220V power inverter can achieve this movement needs of our times.

3. Working efficiency
Power inverter practical work is part of the electrical energy consumed, so that its output power is less than the input power. This circuit device efficiency is the output power and input power ratio.

4. Technical parameters
Technical parameters contained in the 220 v power inverter itself is very large, there are the rated output power, maximum output power, peak power, input voltage, output voltage, output frequency, efficiency, load current, the output waveform and other parameters.