Why You Can Always Find Cheaper Inverters In the Market?

Sometimes, our customers make a bit complains that Meind power inverter performs excellently, but a little expensive.

Now let’s take 150w modified sine wave power inverter as an example to show you how come Meind power inverter is a little expensive, and what’s the difference between Meind power inverter with some others.

First of all, let’s have an overlook. You can see Meind 150W power inverter has a bigger size. That means bigger PCBA inside, and bigger inside room for heat dissipation. And Meind 150W power inverter also has bigger alligator clips, longer and thicker wires.

Then let’s see the front panel. They all equipped with universal socket, indicate light and USB port. But Meind 150W power inverter has a power on/off button, which is able to control the inverter working or not as you want.

What’s more, Meind 150W power inverter USB can get 2.1A output. But that one is 0.5A.

Then let’s see the rear panel. I guess you’ve already found the big and important difference. Meind 150W power inverter equips a fan, which is important for heat dissipation to keep it cool and good performance.

Our testing shows this inverter has 150w output as well. But it’s only 150w, ours can reaches 180W output.

But you can see the material and design difference from above, which make Meind Power inverter perform better and also a little expensive.

Hope this explanation can help you make the right choice on the power inverter.

If any question or inquiry, please feel free to contact me at warren@meindchina.com