What is different between Inverter and Converter?

In order to operate a device properly and not blow it up, you need to supply it with correct voltage. But with the different voltages, we need to transform the voltage into what we need. Converters and inverters are what we would need to do this.

The main difference between converters and inverters is what they modify to the voltage.

Converter is an electrical device that converts the voltage from alternating current AC to direct current DC. But Inverter is an electrical devier that converts direct current DC to alternating current AC.

Converters are bassically three types: analog to digital converter (ADC); digital to analog converter (DAC); digital to digital converter (DDC).

Inverters are bassically three types too: square wave inverter; quasi wave or modfied sine wave inverter; ture or pure sine wave inverter.

Converter uses by the convert DC to AC; direct amplitude modulated radio signals; supply polarized voltage from welding.

Inverter uses by many applications. such as chagning DC electricity from solar panels, batteries or fuel cell to AC; micro inverter for converting DC power from solar panels to AC for the electric grid; UPS uses inverter to supply AC power when main power is unavailable induction heating

A converter is the poor current overload capacity; battery quality automatic regulators are more expensive than mechanical regulators.

Although inverter is not idea for inductive AC and motor load; sensitive electronic devices can be damaged by poor waveforms by low battery.