What Do You Think of Car Power Inverter?

Before understanding what a car power inverter is, it’s very important to figure out the difference between AC and DC power. Basically, AC power is what you can get from the mainpower in your house, but DC power is what you can get from various batteries.

Because battery only offers DC output, but almost all electronic devices work on AC power. If you want to use AC devices on the road, outside, or druing main power failure, you would need a device or equipment which can transfer DC power from battery to AC power, such as power inverter.

By using a car power inverter, almost any electronic device from your home or office can work normally, as long as the rated power is not over the inverter’s continuous output power.

Some of the most significant points should be always kept in mind. Whenever you use an inverter, factors like battery capacity, battery output voltage, rated output of the device, and continuous output watt of the inverter and so on.
The power system in your car can only provide a limited amount of output, so all of these factors play a important role in decision which devices can be connected to a car power inverter and used.