Do you know what kind of off-grid inverter is welcomed in Ukraine?

The off-grid power inverter orders from Ukraine have been booming recently on our B2C online store.

We got 4 power inverters orders only just few days.

They say due to the Russia-Ukraine War and colder weather, they are facing an energy shortage. Then need the power inverter more than ever.

But are you curious about what kind of power inverters Ukrainian like to buy?
According to our sales data, power inverters with charge&UPS functions are the most welcomed in the Ukraine market.
Like this 2000W power inverter with charge&UPS function:

DC 12V/24V to AC 110V/220V Pure Sine Wave 2000W Power Inverter with Charger UPS LCD Display

And we just get 2pcs 2000W power inverters are ready for shipping to Ukraine.

If you have any interests as well, please just contact us feel free. warren@meindchina.com

(Hope the war ends soon. Pray for the peace!)