300W/500W UPS Power Station Portable Solar Power Supply Rechargeable Power Generator with Type-C LED Light

Power 300W/500W

Pure Sine Wave 110V or 220V AC Output

Build-in 12V 21700 Lithium Battery

QC 3.0 / Type-C

UPS Transfer Time ≤ 10ms

Big LED Light

AC/Solar/Wind/Cigar Lighter Charging



300W/500W Portable UPS Power Station Solar Power Supply Rechargeable Power Generator with Li Battery inside

Meind MES-300/MES-500 backup power supply is a high-end fashion power supply products, by using aluminum alloy material, lightweight portable design, stylish appearance, and build-in high quality lithium batteries, advanced manufacturing technology, it is able to provide pure sine wave AC output, DC output, Type-C, USB QC 3.0 fast charge output, to power your electronic products anywhere. It can be charged by AC power, car cigar lighter, solar and even wind enegry. It is also a UPS. This product can be used not only as EPS power supply, but also as indoor or outdoor standby emergency power supply.

–Lightweight, portable and beautiful appearance.

–Large capacity, high-quality 21700 lithium battery used insuring far higher capacity than other product with same size.  

–Outputting powerful energy providing two types different voltage mode  AC/DC. For adaptive different electronic products demand.

–It can be an on-line UPS and also a pre-emergency standby power source. Meeting power requirements of most mobile electronic products.

–Easy for Charging (3 ways): Solar Charging, Car cigrette socket charging and AC/Home Input.

–The UPS will automatically switchover to power your computer with inside lithium battery when power off (city electricity). The Reaction Time: ≤10MS 

–Comes with 3-Prong AC input plugs which you could feel free to use our UPS without any safety concerns!
–Built-in an adapter which you could directly charger your AC devices with any extra connectors/adapters.

–Perfect Power Supply: Indoor/Home, Outdoors, Industrial, Medical, Army, Technology Industry. 

Model No. MES-300 MES-500
Lithium Battery 12v 75Ah 277.5Whv (15pcs 21700 Lithium batteries) 12V 135Ah 499wh (27pcs 21700 Lithium batteries)
Output Power Rated 300W; Peak 330W Rated 500W; Peak 530W
AC Output AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
DC Output 1*USB 5V/2.4A; 1*QC 3.0; 1*Type-C PD 20W
AC Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
LED light  2.3W
Charging Input AC 110V-220V, 50/60Hz; Solar and Wind Energy DC 13-30V (≤60w); Vehicle DC 12V
Charging Current 2A 2A
UPS Transfer Time ≤10ms
Battery Cycle Life >800 times
Protections Over Temperature, Over Discharge, Overcurrent, Input Short-Circuit, Overload, Over Charge
Weight N.W 3.5kg; G.W 4.5kg N.W 4kg; G.W 5kg
Size  29.3*12.2*13cm


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