300W Pure Sine Wave Power Station Portable Solar Power Supply for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Emergency

Power 300W/600W

Pure Sine Wave 110V or 220V AC Output

Build-in 12V Lithium Battery

QC 3.0 / Type-C

3W LED Light

AC/Solar/Wind/Cigar Lighter Charging



  • Meind 300W power station: 252 Wh portable power station with maximum power 600 W, AC: 110V/220 V, equipped with electrical outlets, USB sockets, rechargeable with socket or photovoltaic solar panel (optional).
  • All Ports You Need: This power station is equipped with 6 ports needed to charge appliances and household appliances. It is equipped with a socket for power output + 2 USB-A ports including a QC 3.0 Power Delivery 18W + 1 USB-C port for fast charging PD 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V 65W + 1 car socket 2 DC 12V-10A plugs. Power adapter: included.
  • Built-in protection systems: Power Station equipped with an LED display for intelligent real-time monitoring of operating performance. Short circuit protection system and automatic shut-off system to avoid the risk of battery overcharging once full charge is reached. Dynamic control of output current to prevent overcharging of connected devices. Built-in system for protection against surges, voltage drops or battery temperature rises.
  • 2 charging options: the power station can be charged via the photovoltaic solar panel (optional) or the wall power supply (included).
  • Battery capacity: 252Wh – Maximum AC power: 600W

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