10400/15600mAh 35W Mini DC UPS Power Bank Backup Power with Lithium Battery USB TYPE-C POE for WiFi Routers

Build-in 10400mAh / 15600mAh Lithium Battery

USB 5V/2.4A / TYPE-C 18W
POE Port

Features high reliability application:

IP Cameras
Router, Modem
Wireless phone
Monitor, x-box, ipad, psp, tv, digital camera, ps4, pos, CCTV



On! Off! On! Off! Power failure is driving us all up the wall, which especially caused the Wifi interruption. But we hope we can make life a little easier with the Meind Mini DC UPS.

It’s an uninterruptible power supply with five voltage outputs that can supply power to two devices simultaneously, and is ideal to supply backup power to your small devices like a Wifi router, IP camera, CCTV camera, mobile phone, DC light up to 10 hours.  During power off, the UPS will automatically switch to battery power, and your devices will stay on without any interruption.

The Mini DC UPS can be set up in seconds, with only one cable between the UPS and each device to connect. It also has a 5V USB output, so it can be used as a regular power bank to charge a cell phone. The batteries inside are high-quality lithium-ion with an expected life span of 2-4 years.

Meind Mini DC UPS (M1550)
AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
Max Output Power
Output Voltage
5v /9v & 12v/15V/24v
USB 5V/2.4A, Type-C (18W), DC (12W), POE (10-12W)
Battery Capacity
10400 mAh/ 15600mAh, Lithium Battery
Short Circuit, Over-charging, Over-discharging
Wifi router, IP camera, CCTV camera, mobile phone, DC light
Noise Level
Less than 40dB

Meind UPS Power Station Production 


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